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When more than one piece of evidence is captured in an investigation we believe it to be proof of supernatural activity.
This is especially true when the occur simultainously
or within 2-3 minutes of each other.
This page will list various multiple captures.

Chumuckla, FL  Coon Hill Cemetery
During this investigation we had several occurances.
First was EVPs, then the bookbag incident, more EVPs, the video blip,
then more EVPs on our way to the truck.
Tom bacame violently ill and we had to leave the cemetery immediately.
He continued to have breathing problems and chest pains
until we reached the vehicle.
We'd like to think that these captures prove without a doubt that ...
Coon Hill cemetery IS haunted. 
We hope you agree.

First picture of the investigation taken mere seconds after entering the cemetery.
When it is enlarged to actual size you will see a weird reflection in Lesa's eyes
and a small orange colored orb / rod / bug.
You decide.


Our first EVP of the evening..."Everybody's saying something".
This EVP occured just moments after we entered the cemetery.
In the extended version you can hear the investigators talking about a light
that seemed on in the truck and whether it was a dome light, flashlight left on upon the dash, or reflection of the full moon on the windshield.
That was just seconds before we entered the cemetery gate.

EVP "Everybody's saying something"

This picture was taken while Tom is asking the questions.
Tiff and Tom are  writing in thier notebook as they had thiers out
while the rest of us forgot.
Really we were still in our mapping out phase.
The first thing you should see in full size
is two slotchy orbs near the top of the gate.
I do not know what these are but I am sure that it is NOT
water droplets on the lense.
Also there are many orb type formations
and a light area near Tom and the recorder.
This is not from a finger being in the way!


Within 5 minutes of the previous EVP; Lesa, Tom and Tiff went back toward the gate area while Shawn and Chris explored the further edge of the cemetery.
After finishing getting equiptment out we were very excited to get started.
We had discussed prior how important it was that we ALL
use our notebooks for notes and timing.
In our excitement we had forgotten the new notebooks in Lesa's backpack.
Once equiptment was ready to go Lesa started towards Shawn and Chris some 40 -50 yrds away. She took about 10 steps when all of the sudden the bookbag on her back is unzipped, pulled open and each notebook falls out one by one.
Tiff and Tom were 10-12 feet away and would not have had time to reach the positions they were in when Lesa turned around.
Lesa shouted for someone to take a picture of her and complained
about being very dizzy.
MEANWHILE the digital camera/camcorder in Lesa's hand records a strange blip.
If you look at the picture of Lesa above you can see that the cam she is
holding is small and facing forward with her index finger on the top
 where the record button is.
It is curious how the camera facing forward managed to record
the bookbag on her back....very strange.

click here to play video

Within 2-3 minutes of the bookbag incident Lesa gained her composure.
She turned on the cam and captured an EVP that sounds like "Omaha".
Just prior to this Tom had been asking questions with an analog recorder
such as "Can you tell us your name?"
Seconds before the EVP he had asked "Where are you from?"
Just after the EVP you hear Lesa thanking the spirit for the reminder about he notebooks and re-affirming our intentions.
Yes, she was spooked!

click here to play video

We ALL had the fight or flight instinct take hold of us.
We all discussed leaving right away but decided we would try to at least
take the rest of the pictures on the rolls of film in our 35 mm and 110 cameras.
We verbally decided to "stand together and stand our ground".
Also there is a legend about a thick fog that fills the cemetery.
We experienced this fog.
I felt that even though these clips do not contain
audio or visual proof of a haunting,
I feel that it does verify the legend whether natural or supernatural.
There is also a legend about a little girl singing
while some hear a female screaming.
This next clip deals with the fog and singing/screaming
as well as our ability to taste the "fog".

click here to play video

These are some pictures taken at the same time
as we were experiencing the fog.




Within 10 minutes Tom started to become violently ill. 
Choking and gasping and clutching his chest.
We were all really scared by then but Lesa wanted
to try to document what was happening to Tom. 
Unfortunately it sounds as if she's not very
sympathetic to Toms condition, but that soon changed. 
We hurried and snapped whatever pictures we had left and rushed
out of the cemetery practically dragging Tom with us. (Tiff and Lesa)
Shawn followed behind with Chris closing the gates
and asking that no entities followed us.
While we haven't found any EVPs or video in this clip,
I thought it was still pertinent.

click here to play video

While trekking to the vehicle Lesa decided that she should continue to document Tom's condition and any occurances that might happen along the way.
This next clip is that trek. You will hear Tom still gasping and choking.
The further we got away from the cemetery the better he started to feel.
There is some strange "untah" chant in the background. 
While we had wondered if it was just the breathing of Tom or Lesa
It was discovered that several "chants" happen too soon after speech by either Tom or Lesa or was overlapped by thier speech.
Tiff was rather quiet with concerns for her fiance Tom.
At the end of the clip you hear a strange heartbeat just as we reach the truck.
Folks we know for a fact that Coon Hill Cemetery has been used at least 3 times as a murder locale in recent decades because of it's remote location.
I wonder if it could have been a victim's ghost trying to relay how he died.
He may not have meant to hurt Tom....but then again.
When we reached the safety of a convienience store we took pictures
of any markings we might find that had not been there prior to the investigation.
Tiff clearly has a bright red bite mark on her throat that we can assure you
was not there prior to entering Coon Hill.
You might even look at the pictures of her inside the cemetery
 to determine if you can see one.



Tiff seems to be experiencing something.
This comparison photo was taken within moments of the bookbag incident.