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This EVP was captured by our group on the Coon Hill investigation on Oct. 29, 2004. Investigator Lesa had her bookbag unzipped by unseen force.  The notebooks fell out one by one. Lesa called for someone to take a picture of her as she was feeling very dizzy and lightheaded. She feels these episodes are physical reactions to phenomenon. 1-2 minutes after the picture was taken Lesa began to walk further into the cemetery. The EVP happens just after Lesa thanks the "entity" for the riminder about our notebooks. The voice appears to say "Omaha" when the clip is slowed down using Goldwave.


This  EVP was captured mere moments before the omaha evp. It occured just as the group wa setting up.  We, the group, had been reminding each other about not whispering during the investigation.  While Lesa was using her digital video recorder, Tom was using an anolog recorder.  Tom was asking standard questions, such as:
  • What is your name?
  • Can we in some way help you?
  • Please make your pressence known.

In the background you should hear Tom asking these questions. Then there is the EVP-sounds like:

Everbody is saying something

Surprisingly investigator Lesa responds to evp with

"Stop whispering!"


"Everybody's Saying ...." extended

"Everybody's Saying Something" clip

These EVPs were captured after leaving the cemetery. Investigator Tom had started experiencing extreme chest pains. He was chocking and gasping, so we decided to end the investigation. The truck was parked approx 100 yrds away from the cemetery entrance. Lesa continued to document Tom's condition as they made thier way back to the truck.
What you are about to hear is various EVPs that occured during thier walk.


Heartbeats extended